Biological Age

Multi-Omic Biological Age Estimation and Its Correlation With Wellness and Disease Phenotypes: A Longitudinal Study of 3,558 Individuals

Have you ever heard “age is nothing but a number?” As it turns out, there is some truth to the saying. Traditionally, your biological age is treated as the most significant risk factor to your health, but age is more complex than how many times you’ve circled the sun. Here, we introduce you to the concept of biological age and the science behind it. 

This article demonstrates how your biological age, which is derived from your own molecular and physical measurements, is a better predictor of your personal health. We investigated the biological age of over three thousand individuals using a method of deep phenotyping, or clinically characterizing a range of an individual’s traits to develop a more precise and reliable metric of overall health and wellness. 

Results roundup:

  • Your biological age could act as a general and interpretable metric for wellness since it is modifiable through your behavior (diet, physical and mental exercise)
  • Participation in a wellness program actually decreased individuals’ biological age, demonstrating that P4 medicine really works to promote wellness and directly improve your health!

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