Does Your Version of Medicine Work for You?

“You have to see the future in order to invent the future.”  – Phenome Health CEO, Dr. Leroy Hood

At Phenome Health, we have a clear vision of the future of healthcare and we are setting out to transform current healthcare systems in order to realize this vision. In fact, we are rethinking everything about the future of healthcare, from current conceptual paradigms in the field right down to the vocabulary we use to talk about it. The first aspect of the seismic transformation we envision lies in a major conceptual shift to what we call scientific wellness. 

What is scientific wellness? It is a holistic approach that leverages  longitudinal, multidimensional studies of human health and disease in each and every individual, or what is known as a “systems” approach to drive deep insight into human health in order to optimize wellness and circumvent disease. This systems approach is more than a conceptual paradigm shift, it has prompted the development of technology–both experimental and computational–that allows us access to more health information than was previously possible. Perhaps, most importantly, such an approach has led to the practice of what we call P4 health, or healthcare that is predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory (P4).

In our quest is to move away from “reactive” medicine, or medical intervention once disease has been diagnosed,  to the “predictive” and “preventive”  aspects of P4 health. This shifts the focus to detect slight alterations in our biology that may indicate that we are moving away from a state of optimal wellness. If we can look at an individual’s phenome at any point in time, we have a powerful tool at our fingertips that creates a roadmap to health and wellness, and one that allows us to see where we are headed before we get there. The goal of P4 health is to stop disease before it ever takes hold by identifying the earliest detectable wellness-to-disease transitions.

In our vision of the future, each person will undergo “deep phenotyping” in order to generate individualized longitudinal, biological data that is unique to the individual. This will create a way to tailor healthcare to the individual, establishing a baseline that is reflective of personal overall wellness, rather than relying on population averages. What does this mean? For one, it means the true democratization of healthcare. It means that actionable insight for the individual will be based on their own personal biology rather than an average derived from a population that may or may not share comparable phenomic data. 

Finally, we understand that wellness requires our active participation, or the fourth P in P4 health. We believe that the future of healthcare rests in consumers’ ability to actively manage their own health and wellness to improve the quality and duration of their lives. This active participation will reduce disease and illness, reduce healthcare costs, and create inclusive, optimal healthcare for all rather than a privileged few by placing actionable knowledge and tools in the hands of all stakeholders. 

We would like to invite you to listen to our founder and CEO Dr. Leroy Hood share his vision of the future of health and wellness:

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